Advantages of Off-Season Houseboating

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Advantages of Off-Season Houseboating

Whether you're looking to make one last trip to the water, or you're searching for warmer areas, you may find that going on a houseboat vacation outside of the summer season is preferred. If you have the ability to visit outside of the peak season (typically before Memorial Day, and after Labor Day) there are a few things to consider that will make your off-season houseboat vacation well worth the wait. 

Here are just a few of those reasons why vacationing later in the year can work out in your favor:

Lower Prices:

  • As the school season starts back up in the fall, there is a decrease in demand for a houseboat vacation. But houseboat prices can drop up to 30% just by going later in the year! A built in discount that will surely pay off. Check the "Pricing" page from your destination's home page for specific dates that would begin lower season rates.

Specials and Discounts:

  • With a higher supply in inventory, and less of a demand, some marinas will run specials or discounts before or after the summer season. Lake Powell's Wahweap and Bullfrog marinas are well known for their massive discounts (up to 50% off!) Of course, the specials vary from year to year, and are based on availability. Be sure to visit our Specials Page or call one of our agents for details. These discounts are usually available as early as the previous fall, so no need to wait for last minute deals. It pays to reserve in advance.

Less Crowds: 

  • With school back in session, there's also a lower volume of people that will be on the lake at the same time. This means more privacy and room to play and explore for you and your group.


  • If you're planning a vacation to one of our desert locations, such as Lake Powell (Utah/Arizona), Lake Mead or Lake Mohave in Nevada, the perfect houseboating weather comes in September or early October. With milder temperatures, the water and air temperatures still have a comfortable warmth. See our Weather tables from your destination's houseboat page under "More Stuff," or ask an agent about the average temperatures in the particular time frame that suits you.


  • With cooler waters comes better fishing. Bass fishing is at it's peak in the fall, and a major draw at Lake Cumberland (Kentucky) and Lake Vermilion, and Voyageurs National Park (Minnesota.) Walleye, pike and muskie (among others) are larger in population in the months following Labor Day. Some of these Northern lakes in Minnesota end their houseboating seasons around the beginning of October, so be sure to get your fishing fix in beforehand. 



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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Houseboating with Children

Houseboating with Children

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