California Delta Houseboat Rentals

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The California Delta is an expansive collection of waterways formed due to the convergence of the Sacramento and Joaquin Rivers. This results not only in 1,000+ miles of waterways to explore, but a multitude of opportunities to see new places and faces in one of over 100 marinas and waterside resorts, full-hookup RV parks, campgrounds and over 50 boat launching facilities.

The lifestyle here is decidedly laid back, a sort of Huck Finn kind of existence. Boating, fishing, and camping are a way of life. Many of the area's residents were once travelers themselves that upon experiencing this boating and fishing paradise combined with the rural attitude decided to stay. With a small town atmosphere, access to some of the biggest Northern California cities, and a handful of friendly locals sprinkled into the mix, the California Delta may indeed be one of California's best-kept secrets.