Lake Amistad Houseboat Rentals

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 As of 2013 we are no longer renting houseboats on Lake Amistad.  

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Just 2 1/2 hours west of San Antonio and 12 miles northwest of Del Rio, situated on the United States-Mexico border, Lake Amistad and its 850 miles of spectacular limestone cliffs and sandy beaches is the perfect getaway for the outdoor enthusiast. Lake Amistad is an oasis of color in the south Texas desert.

Birds from the Canyon Wren to the Great Blue Heron flock to these waters, among stark limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. With 850 miles of coastline to explore, you can come back to Lake Amistad again and again and still only scratch the surface of its transient beauty.

Amistad is a land of contrasts...and hidden treasures. The same water that draws people to boat and fish today, sustained over 300 generations of hunters and gatherers. They left behind a record of their existence through colorful rock art panels, bits of tools, and fibers preserved for thousands of years by the arid desert climate. A visitor center at the lake explores the history of the area and offers tips on hiking, fishing and other ways you can supplement your houseboat vacation.