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Now taking reservations for 2023!!

For hundreds of thousands of years the Colorado River roared through Glen Canyon, carving a tremendous canyon through the sandstone. In 1963, the Glen Canyon Dam was completed and impounded the Colorado, turning the wild beauty of Glen Canyon into what now is the ever-popular Lake Powell — a vast body of deep blue water surrounded by striking cliff walls.

Lake Powell offers excellent opportunities for you to enjoy your houseboat rental. The summer months — when water temperatures climb to a comfortable 70-80 degrees — are perfect for swimming and water skiing, and fishing is always a popular activity. Lake Powell has myriad side canyons that narrow to just a boat width as they wind away from the main channel and make for fascinating exploration.

Many visitors are content simply cruising the lake's waters by houseboat and spending nights on its beaches under the stars, while the more adventurous groups may enjoy hiking into the extremely rugged Glen Canyon Recreation Area.

*Due to low water the Dangling Rope Marina and the ferry between the Bullfrog Marina and Hall's Crossing will not be operational for the 2022 season. Rainbow Bridge will also not be accessible.