Lake Roosevelt, Washington

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Lake Roosevelt, Washington

Lake Roosevelt, created by the Columbia River in Washington, is a houseboating treasure that must be experienced to be completely appreciated. Every turn in the lake inspires breathtaking views of the calm turquoise water among the fir and pine forests. With over 630 miles of shoreline, there is so much to explore; no two trips to this area will be the alike.

We interviewed our partners from both the southern (Seven Bays/Keller Ferry Marinas) and northern (Kettle Falls Marina) ends of the lake on their favorite things about their beautiful workplace.


Seven Bays/Keller Ferry Marinas

Mike Parker from the Seven Bays/Keller Ferry Marinas (near Spokane) has worked in the houseboating industry for 28 years. He first took a houseboat vacation in 1986 with family and fell in love with it.

"No other kind of vacation has provided [a comparable] platform for relaxation." Mike's passion has become to provide this experience to other families and groups.

Lake Roosevelt is a fantastic backdrop for photography enthusiasts, and for anyone who takes solace in the great outdoors. Grand Coulee Canyon and Halverson Canyon are some favorite nearby spots; both lie between and Seven Bays and the Grand Coulee Dam. Mike says that "it doesn't take more than about 20 minutes of hiking to understand why this is a photographer's paradise." There is also a large herd of big horn sheep that reside in the canyon; which is a spectacularly fun sight.

So what makes this area of Lake Roosevelt especially unique? There are countless ways, but nearby Whitestone Winery (by the towering Whitestone cliffs) opened a tasting room in their vineyard just recently in 2014, which sits conveniently on the shoreline. The winery has a couple of 4-wheelers that will actually take you from your boat to the tasting room, where the view is stunning. They're known for their award-winning Bordeaux style wines. Whitestone rises nearly 2000 feet from the water line! It's a sight that's not to be missed if you're in the Seven Bays/Keller Ferry area.



Kettle Falls Marina

Vicki, of the Kettle Falls Marina, has been in the houseboating business since 1988. Her favorite thing about Lake Roosevelt is that it's a "beautiful, peaceful place to vacation with lots of privacy." Nothing beats mooring your houseboat to your own private beach for just you and your group to enjoy. Since it's off the beaten path, the Kettle Falls area has a charming small town atmosphere where everyone is friendly and welcoming.

There are several waterfalls and wonderful hiking trails to experience all along the lake, and an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife to discover: deer amongst the trees, elk wading in the water, turkeys on the shoreline, even bears have been seen strolling down the banks on occasion. Black bears are especially spotted during the month of September while they search for chokecherries. 

Historic St. Paul's Mission is nearby, within walking distance of a great beach to park your houseboat. "It's a great little part of Washington state history." Vicki says. St. Paul's Mission is the oldest standing Catholic Mission in Washington state.

 The area is also rich in Native American history; there are tribal artifacts that have become exposed when the lake levels fall, although it is strictly forbidden to disturb or remove artifacts from these sites as the lake is a tribal territory that is preserved and maintained by the Colville and Spokane Indians and National Park Service.

Breathtaking sunrises to greet you in the morning, and sunsets to bid you goodnight each day. 








For Vicki, the wonderful thing about a houseboat vacation is "for family and friends to spend quality time together without all the distractions of everyday life." In a society that has everyone going in all different directions, it's nice to be able to spend time rekindling that lost time with loved ones.


Helpful Tips from the Pros:  To those who are new to houseboating, be sure to plan ahead for food and meals for your group. Mike and Vicki both stressed just how preparation can make or break a houseboat vacation. They advise you to make a plan together: decide what you're going to cook and who will be responsible for cooking it. Also, it it's suggested that you assign the shopping to ONE person, and divide the cost with your group later. Designate people/families in your group to be in charge of meals on a rotating schedule so everyone gets a chance to sit back and relax while someone else handles meal preparation. Keep it simple with grill foods (hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, etc) or consider preparing meals ahead of time and freezing them. These things can make your vacation go more smoothly.

To learn more, or to schedule your very own Lake Roosevelt getaway, Contact Us online or call us toll free at 888-454-8825

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