Top Questions to Ask Your Agent (Part 2)

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Top Questions to Ask Your Agent (Part 2)

If you found our Top Questions to Ask your Agent (Part 1) article helpful, don't miss the following suggested questions to ask your agent while in the process of planning your houseboat vacation. Our second set of top questions to ask your agent continues with:

6. What kind of Insurance options are there?

Just like renting a car, it's always a good idea to add Liability Insurance to your houseboat rental. Some personal insurance companies offer liability coverage for houseboat rentals, but most of our locations offer a damage waiver of liability for a small daily amount that buys you a deductible to cover you in case of an accident.

Also, ask if a Trip Cancellation Insurance is offered in case of an emergency within the cancellation period. If something happens, it's possible you will not forfeit your entire rental amount if you have added a Trip Cancellation Insurance option.

7. What's included with the rental, and what do I need to bring from home?

Most of our rentals include bed linens and bath towels. However, some locations rent them out for a small fee when you arrive, and some do not offer them at all. Ask your agent if these options are available for your houseboat.

Generally, bring bottled water for drinking, extra towels for swimming, spices for cooking (down to salt and pepper,) and some people like to bring disposable plates and utensils to save on time doing the dishes.

A suggested "items to bring" list will appear with your confirmation documents. Make sure to look it over and let your agent know if any questions or concerns arise.

8. What else is required? Are there any other extra costs involved?

For the most part, your houseboat rental cost will cover everything except for fuel and food. But depending on which destination you plan on visiting, there may be some extra costs that are required with your rental.

For example, some Lakes require you to bring or rent an additional motorized boat to tag alongside your houseboat rental for safety reasons. (Typically the cost for these required rentals are very reasonable.)

Other costs that may not be included in your rental cost: propane, park entrance fees, environmental fees, etc. Ask your agent what other fees you can expect (if any) to apply at the location you plan on visiting.

9. Are there any restrictions while we're out on the water?

Ask about the Maximum Capacity for each boat. Often, there are rules about how many people you can have aboard the boat while it's moving. But some locations allow a few more while the boat is moored to shore or anchored. In the event that you have more people than is allowed while the houseboat is underway, you will need to bring or rent an extra watercraft (powerboat or jet ski) to hold the extra people until the houseboat is moored.

Some locations have their own set of regulations for alcohol for purchase or consumption, while others are more lenient. For example, Lake Cumberland is situated in a "dry county" so if you plan on bringing alcohol, plan on purchasing it beforehand.

10. Are there any specials or discounts available?

Our Houseboating Agents are usually quick to inform you about current special offers or discounts that may apply to your time-frame, but make sure to check out our Specials Page for more information on our current offers.

Tell your agent if you are active or retired Military, or if you have a AAA or AARP membership, there may be a discount to be applied to your reservation with valid ID.

We want to make your vacation planning as peaceful and informative as possible. We can offer you a wealth of knowledge, but we want to hear from you! What are some things that have come up on your own houseboat vacations that you wished you knew beforehand?

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