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Dale Hollow Lake Houseboat Rentals

At a Glance

651 feet
48 square miles
61 miles
.8 miles on average
620 miles
Avg. Depth
60 feet
Max. Depth
150 feet
Avg. Air Temp.
Summer Water
Holly Creek Marina,
Eagle Cove Resort,
Sunset Marina
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Dale Hollow Lake is most famous as the world's best smallmouth bass lake. The largest smallmouth bass ever taken was taken here and it's quite the incredible lake for largemouth and spotted bass, too, as well as walleye, gar and trout among others.

Naturally, fishing off the deck of a houseboat or renting a fishing boat alongside is a good way to explore the spectacular fishing aspect of Dale Hollow, but fishing isn't the only thing to do here. The lake is clear and deep and you may almost imagine you can see the lake floor far beneath as you cruise. Or perhaps you'll water ski or wakeboard, two other popular sports on this reservoir.

No matter how you explore it, Dale Hollow has its miles of twisty green shoreline and miles of water between.

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