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Lake Mead Houseboat Rentals

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Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the United States. It is located on the Colorado River about 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, between the states of Nevada and Arizona. Formed by water impounded by Hoover Dam, it extends 110 miles behind the dam, holding approximately 28.5 million acre feet of water.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area provides a wide variety of unique outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from warm-water recreation to exploration of rugged and isolated backcountry.

Visitors to Lake Mead find spectacular scenic vistas from the sparkling blue surface of the lake. Striking backdrops include deep ... canyons, dry washes, sheer cliffs, distant mountain ranges, colorful soils and rock formations and mosaics of different vegetation.

Explore magnificent scenery, discover the habitats of wild animals, uncover the secrets of ancient dwellings and plan your next Lake Mead houseboat rental vacation today!

Explore Houseboats at Lake Mead

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