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Lake Powell in the Movies

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 09/12/14
Lake Powell is one of the most uniquely picturesque spots in the world, which attributes to its wide popularity and makes it the number one houseboating destination by far. Lake Powell is also a popular spot for shooting movies; you may have unknowingly seen some of Lake Powell's beauty in your ... Read More
  • Posted in: Destinations

Plan Your Houseboat "FALL"iday!

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 09/05/14
Did your family gatherings dominate your summer and now you want to plan your own vacation? Or were you too busy this summer with camps and sports and work? With lower rates in the fall, now is a great time for your houseboat vacation! Read More

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  • By: Heather, Team
  • Posted On: 08/29/14
This holiday weekend, we hope are heading out to enjoy the water, or that you have already had the chance. We are already taking reservations for 2015 at most locations; now is the time to begin planning next year's adventure. Life is just not as exciting without a trip to plan and look forward to. ... Read More
  • Posted in: Good News 'n Stuff

St John's River Houseboat Itineraries

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 08/22/14
The St John's River, Florida, is one of those experiences that is unlike any other; where life is casual and laid back. The river itself is unique among rivers as it is one of the very few to flow north in the world. And it's scenery is vast and varies from pine to palm, oak and cypress, to swamps ... Read More
  • Posted in: Destinations, Things to Do

Labor Day Getaway

  • By: Am
  • Posted On: 08/15/14
You deserve a break! With Labor Day Weekend just around the corner, it’s never been a better time to slip out of your work shoes and slide into those vacation sandals. Treat yourself right and escape from the daily grind while rejuvenating amid the great outdoors aboard your home away from home – a ... Read More
  • Posted in: Destinations

Shasta...Got Water? Yes, Plenty!

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 07/22/14
Contrary to popular belief, there's still plenty of water at Lake Shasta. And we've got the pictures to prove it! Read More
  • Posted in: Good News 'n Stuff

Come on in, the water's FULL!!!

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 07/18/14
We get a lot of calls this time of year asking about water levels and people afraid that they won't be able to make it to a lake this summer. Well did you know that the water levels at Lake Mohave are regulated and the lake is full? In case you need a few more reasons to plan a houseboat trip to... Read More

Happy Independence Day!

  • By: Heather, Team
  • Posted On: 07/03/14
Happy Independence Day from your friends at! Hopefully you're enjoying the holiday weekend out on the water or under the fireworks with loved ones. We will be with our families and friends this weekend as well, but we'll be back in the office on Monday. Have a fun and safe 4th of ... Read More
  • Posted in: Good News 'n Stuff

Top 10 Forgets

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 06/27/14
We've all had those moments where our palms fly to our foreheads as we exclaim "I can't believe I forgot...(insert important object here)! As you pack up and head out on your houseboating adventures this summer, make sure not to forget the following items. Read More
  • Posted in: How To

Planning Ahead for 2015

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 06/06/14
We know all too well how quickly availability for houseboat vacations fills up. No one wants to be stuck with a different date or boat than what they had originally planned, but it's amazing how fast they go. For those of you who are already planning for next year, you're right on track. Although, ... Read More
  • Posted in: Good News 'n Stuff, How To