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Lake Barkley Houseboat Rentals

Lake Barkley was formed by the creation of Barkley Dam against the Cumberland River, but while most reservoirs are formed this way, Barkley is a unique lake. The Kentucky Lake runs parallel to it and the two lakes are joined by a canal. Both lakes are independantly huge - together, they're almost too much to comprehend.

Lake Barkley is over a hundred miles long and has over a thousand miles of shoreline, but it's more than simply big. You'll find the scenery lush as you explore it from the deck of your houseboat, pure greenery as far as you can see. The Land Between the Lakes, a park between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, is a beautiful place to ... moor. Also, whether moored or floating, you'll want to fish - Kentucky's largest yellow bass was caught here.

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