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Water Levels on Lake Shasta

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We've been getting lots of questions about the current lake levels at Lake Shasta (Redding, CA), and there have even been rumors circling around that it's completely empty! Good news, Lake Shasta visitors, that's simply not the case. As of January 29, 2014 the lake level is still at 936 feet elevation above sea level (full is 1067 feet), leaving over 220 miles of shoreline! There is plenty of water for houseboating and fun on Lake Shasta this summer. Rest assured, that the water level will not affect your houseboat plans in the slightest.

As the water level dwindles, hidden areas that were previously under water are revealed. Parts of the mining town of Sallee in the Squaw Creek Arm have emerged, as well as old building foundations, bridges and tunnels. Some are over 100 years old, from when there were small towns in the river valley that flooded in the 1930's. There are also Native American burial grounds that have resurfaced. While exploring the ruins is encouraged by the Shasta Historical Society, it is illegal to pick up, damage, or take any artifacts from their original spot.

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There's still time to plan your houseboat vacation at Lake Shasta this year. Give us a call at 888-454-8825 or Request Information online if you have any questions. 

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