How to choose the right houseboat

Your houseboat selection will probably depend mainly on the following factors: Size, budget, and amenities. Consider the tips below when selecting your houseboat.

When choosing what size houseboat you are interested in you must consider the number of people in your group as well as their desire for privacy. Many lakes have a maximum number of people on board of 12, though some allow less on smaller boats or more on larger ones. Still, some marinas have a strict policy of no more than 12 people on board the houseboat while in motion, though when you’re not driving it you can have more people on board. In this case you may have people in your party that need to bring or rent a speedboat of some kind to get around when the houseboat is in motion.

While each boat indicates how many people it sleeps, pay attention to the needs and desires of your group. You may have more people that would like a private room so it may be necessary to get a larger houseboat for increased privacy and comfort.

Houseboat rental costs are based on the size of the boat, the amenities on board or the degree of luxury, as well as the length of your trip. From time to time specials are run on specific boat models or specific locations so if you’re looking at something that’s a bit over budget, there’s a good chance it can become possible.

All houseboats have a different set of amenities on board along the spectrum from basic to luxury. Basic amenities would be the dishes and utensils in the kitchen, barbeque grills, beds, bathroom, etc. Luxury amenities might include things like hot tubs, satellite dishes, flat-screen TVs, faux fireplaces, etc. Again, you will need to consider the needs and comfort of the people in your group.