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In 1941, the creation of the Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River led to another creation: that of Lake Roosevelt and its miles of shoreline and more miles of open water. Lake Roosevelt, located in the state of Washingtion, is a long, narrow lake, stretching 150 miles toward Canada, but rarely wider than a mile. In a sense, navigating between its shores resembles navigating a vast, leisurely river.

Boating is certainly the best way to experience the lake, whether you're close to the water in a canoe or personal watercraft or well above it in a houseboat. Be sure to take a map . . . this is no desert, flat lake where you can see one end from the other and you'll want to explore everything. Every turn in the lake is surprising and the southern lake's dry steppe terrain contrasts beautifully with the fir and pine forests of the north.

Hundreds of species of birds and animals live here. Watch for moose in particular along the banks. If you want to fish off the back of your houseboat, walleye are plentiful. Wild, lush and large as Lake Roosevelt is, every boating experience will be different.