Rainy Lake Houseboat Rentals

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Rainy Lake is massive, straddling the borders of Ontario, Canada and Minnesota. Its southeastern end is rimmed by Voyageurs National Park, famous for its extensive water networks. Rainy Lake itself is less of a network and more of an expanse, an endless stretch of pure, remote water. The rough shoreline, green and wild, is complimented by island after island, both large and small. Exploring every mile of this rich coast would take years, but they would be years well spent.

Naturally, houseboating on this lake is a popular activity and with water as open as this, you may not be able to resist renting a powerboat as well. These tight inlets are perfect for exploring by canoe, or you can moor and take a hike into these largely untouched lands.

However, the most popular activity at Rainy Lake, besides boating, is fishing. Rainy Lake is known as the best drive to smallmouth bass lake in the United States, it is also teaming with walleye, northern pike, crappie and muskies in certain areas. Bring a pole when you rent a houseboat and prepare for umatched fishing and unmatched scenery on beautiful Rainy Lake.