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Located in Ontario, Canada, Lake of the Woods is massive and dwarfs most other lakes in both Canada and the United States. It is vast, purely natural, and extremely old, a remnant of prehistoric Lake Agissiz, a lake that once spanned the center of North America. Today, at a fraction of that original size, it still spans more than 1,679 square miles and has a 25,000-mile shoreline — more than twice as long if you consider the shorelines of its 14,552 islands.

Although the lake rests partly in Minnesota and partially in the lower portions of Ontario and Manitoba, its size keeps it remote. After launching a houseboat onto that flat, endless plain of water, you may not run into another person until you return. What you will come across are plenty of animals on the lake's shores and on its islands, finding creatures such as bears, deer and white pelicans.

Of course, the lake is also alive. Lake Perch and Northern Pike are some of the common catches, as well as Bass and Muskellunge.