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The Erie Canal system is 365 miles long, and spans from Albany, NY on the Hudson River to Buffalo, NY at Lake Erie. Finished in 1825, the Erie Canal first connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, making transportation of both goods and people much more efficient and economical. These days, May through November is when the canals truly come alive, abounding with recreational watercraft and houseboat vacationers.

Spotted along the canal system, you can find many marinas that provide a wide range of recreational services. At Mid-Lakes Erie Macedon Landing these activities include the ability to charter a canal boat. Charter one of these boats, and you've opened up doors to explore 19th-century canal towns, access via easily accessible ground transport to numerous wineries, drop off points which have waterfront restaurants and many other exciting locations found along the winding canals.

Only enhancing the wonder of the Erie Canal is the range of wildlife and wildlife parks that can be found speckled amongst the canal system. Whether you choose to visit the mighty Adirondacks or Niagara Falls before or after your canal boat charter, or the awe-inspiring Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in Seneca Falls, these and thousands of other opportunities are waiting for you along the Erie Canal Network.