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Norris Lake The Clearest and Cleanest in the Southeast!

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 11/02/18
Only an hour’s drive north of Knoxville, TN, Norris Lake (insert link) is nestled among both the Cumberland and Smoky Mountains. With over 800 miles of tree lined shores that outline the clear blue water, Norris Lake is considered one of the cleanest lakes in the southeast. Click to learn more

Flicks and Reads to Inspire Your Houseboat Vacation

  • By: Alene
  • Posted On: 10/05/18
Movies or books about the outdoors always inspire us. More often than not, the stories that unite us as a family or group of friends are those of something unplanned happening. Sometimes things go terribly wrong and it ends up being humorous, sometimes the story is one of moral courage, adventure, and survival. Whatever it is, these are the stories that get retold at family get occasions. Click to learn more

Your Lake Mead Adventure Awaits!

  • By: Guest Blogger, Ashley
  • Posted On: 09/14/18
Surrounded by calm waters and enormous rock canyons, Lake Mead is a haven for houseboating, water activities, hiking and sightseeing. Click to learn more

Unlocking Your Florida Keys Vacation

  • By: Alene
  • Posted On: 08/31/18
Our houseboat in the Florida Keys is located just a few minutes from Marathon Key, practically the midpoint of the keys. The houseboat and private island are yours for the week and make a perfect home base. Click to learn more

How to Enrich Your Houseboat Vacation

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 08/17/18
It is always the little things that create big memories! When I think back to my most memorable vacations as a child, I don't remember what I wore, what I ate, or the big fight that crazy uncle Joe got into with crazy uncle Tom. I remember the time we spent together. The things we laughed about. The songs we sang. The silly carefree behavior that my parents displayed when in paradise instead of work mode. Click to learn more

Houseboating with Your Toddler- You can do it!

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 08/03/18
In my previous blog, “Houseboating with Infants- You can do It!,” we went over some do’s and don'ts regarding houseboating with infants. This year, our infant turned into a toddler and the houseboating game changed up a bit. Click to learn more

Lake Mead Stripers

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 07/20/18
Sometimes it is easy to forget Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than busy casinos and flashing lights! The Nevada desert is home to some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the country. Click to learn more

Choosing a Lake Cumberland Houseboat

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 07/06/18
We currently rent for 3 different companies between 5 different marinas on Lake Cumberland. Each with their own variety of houseboat models, pricing, and features. It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're trying to decide which will be best for wants, needs, and budget. That's where we come in. Click to learn more

Things You Wouldn't Think to Bring on Your Houseboat Trip

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 06/22/18
Like any vacation, a houseboat vacation takes planning. The biggest question on our clients minds after they book is "what do I need to bring?" We'll help you prepare as much as possible. Click to learn more

Two Exciting Reasons to Visit The Shuswap

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 06/08/18
Shuswap Lake in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, has a lot to offer houseboat visitors: hiking, waterfalls, fishing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and horseback riding (among other things.) However, Shuswap Lake is a mecca to scuba diving enthusiasts, and a destination for the world renowned Adam's River Sockeye Salmon Run. Click to learn more