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Labor Day Getaway

  • By: Ann
  • Posted On: 08/15/14
You deserve a break! With Labor Day Weekend just around the corner, it’s never been a better time to slip out of your work shoes and slide into those vacation sandals. Treat yourself right and escape from the daily grind while rejuvenating amid the great outdoors aboard your home away from home – a houseboat! Click to learn more

Shasta...Got Water? Yes, Plenty!

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 07/22/14
Contrary to popular belief, there's still plenty of water at Lake Shasta. And we've got the pictures to prove it! Click to learn more

Happy Independence Day!

  • By: Heather, Team
  • Posted On: 07/03/14
Happy Independence Day from your friends at! Hopefully you're enjoying the holiday weekend out on the water or under the fireworks with loved ones. We will be with our families and friends this weekend as well, but we'll be back in the office on Monday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July! Click to learn more

Top 10 Forgets

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 06/27/14
We've all had those moments where our palms fly to our foreheads as we exclaim "I can't believe I forgot...(insert important object here)! As you pack up and head out on your houseboating adventures this summer, make sure not to forget the following items. Click to learn more

Celebrate the 4th!

  • By: Ann
  • Posted On: 05/30/14
If your ideal 4th of July celebration includes basking in the bright summer sun, enveloped by the fresh breeze of the great outdoors, surrounded by your friends and family with nothing but the sound of the warm waters lapping, laughter of loved ones, and memories being made…than you, my friend, are looking for a holiday on a houseboat. Click to learn more

Memorial Day 2014

  • By: Heather, Team
  • Posted On: 05/23/14
Happy Memorial Day weekend to our fantastic clients and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. May your weekend be filled with sunshine and in the company of loved ones. Click to learn more

Water Toys: What to Rent and What to Bring

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 05/02/14
Water toys can certainly enhance the houseboating experience, and they're not just for the kids. Kids of all ages will have just as much fun (if not more) than the little ones on vacation. In this blog, we'll give you some ideas of what to rent and what to bring along to make the very most of your vacation. Click to learn more

Top Questions to Ask Your Agent (Part 2)

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 04/25/14
If you found our Top Questions to Ask your Agent (Part 1) article helpful, don't miss the following suggested questions to ask your agent while in the process of planning your houseboat vacation. Click to learn more

Earth Friendly Houseboating

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 04/25/14
Earth Day was this past Tuesday, and now that the colors of Spring are emerging, that got us can we help? This post is about what we're doing to help our planet, and what you can do on your houseboat vacations to impact our Earth in a positive way in order to conserve our favorite destinations for many years to come. Click to learn more

Hiking at Lake Powell

  • By: Ann
  • Posted On: 04/17/14
Although there is no bad season for hiking at Lake Powell, the cool air and quiet waters of spring seems to provide the perfect playground for those hoping to experience the beauty of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by foot. Be sure to take advantage of this ideal season by educating yourself on – and journeying through – some of the most sought after treks at the lake. Click to learn more