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The Beauty of Northern Minnesota

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 08/06/21
Minnesota, nicknamed “Land of 10,000 Lakes," offers some of the most stunningly beautiful sights and natural wonders in the country! Nestled below Canada and surrounded by the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin, this midwest destination offers spectacular scenery, outdoor activities and our personal favorite, houseboating! Click to learn more

Smith Mountain Lake: Virginia's Blue Ridge Beauty

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 07/16/21
Smith Mountain Lake is Virginia's largest lake, with a backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and it's pure waters, it's no wonder visitors and locals alike keep coming back for more. Learn more about what Smith Mountain Lake has to offer on and off the water. Click to learn more

Plans For Lake Powell

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 06/04/21
Houseboating on Lake Powell is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and exciting things you will ever experience. Sparking water surrounded by red rock cliffs gives the impression of floating through the Grand Canyon. Click to learn more

Reasons to Choose a Houseboat Vacation

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 05/06/21
Read about a few reasons why you might choose a Houseboat Vacation over all the other vacation options out there. Click to learn more

Lake Cumberland: Houseboating Heaven

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 04/02/21
Lake Cumberland, in south central Kentucky is a favorite destination for houseboaters and water recreation enthusiasts. It's well known for its tree-lined beauty, world class fishing, record breaking events, and sightseeing. With over 100 square miles, and 1200 miles of shoreline, there are endless possibilities of ways to enjoy this area. Click to learn more

A Desert Adventure on Lake Mead

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 03/05/21
Surrounded by calm waters and enormous rock canyons, Lake Mead is a haven for houseboating, water activities, hiking, and tranquility. Click to learn more

Our Team Getaway on Lake Mohave

  • By: Heather
  • Posted On: 11/06/20
As your houseboat agents, we love houseboating too. So when we get a chance to take a team trip, we jump at it. With each new location, we gain insight on the unique experience each destination offers so we can better instruct you on what to expect on your own visits. Click to learn more

A Tale of Two Anglers and the Smallies That Made Them Famous

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 10/02/20
Dale Hollow Lake is known for many things; houseboating, clear water and its unaffected beauty. But Dale Hollow is known most for fishing-calling itself home to one of the most popular freshwater game fish in all of North America, the Smallmouth Bass. Click to learn more

Fall Fun at Smith Mountain Lake

  • By: Sydney
  • Posted On: 09/15/20
When you think of taking a houseboat vacation, I’m sure you’re imagining long summer days and hot weather. While you’re not wrong, summer certainly is the most popular season for houseboating, you’ll be missing out if you overlook the days after Labor Day. Click to learn more

Scuba Diving on your Bull Shoals Lake Houseboat Vacation

  • By: Gina
  • Posted On: 05/01/20
When you think of Bull Shoals lake I am sure you think about its unsurpassed beauty, crystal clear waters, serene and quiet coves and houseboating! Perhaps you think about fishing or water sports, laying out or catching up on a good book. But have you ever considered going outside of the box and taking it to the next level? Click to learn more