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Smith Mountain Lake spreads clear-watered and large in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With 32 square miles of water surface and over 500 miles of shoreline, this is a lake of many inlets, shaded with thick Virginia foliage. Part of this foliage shades a fine beach that stretches along Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

The wide surface and those "nooks" on the shore make this a lake for exploration, both on large crafts like a houseboat and on small, sporty personal watercrafts. Water-skiing and wakeboarding on the open water is a common activity - how couldn't it be, with all that space?

A houseboating excursion will naturally be slower, but even if you go at a rate to see every individual tree, the diverse coast is extremely rewarding. You might want to fish off the back of the houseboat, at that, for this is a fantastic lake for Striped Bass.