Houseboating and Water Levels in the Western US

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Jun 7, 2024
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Houseboating and Water Levels in the Western US

One of the most common concerns we hear from clients is regarding water levels. Most of what you see in the news will have to do with power production and water level at the turbines that produce power. While that is something to watch, it's separate from recreation on the water.

The good news is, a lower water level will not hinder your houseboat experience.

It will change the outline of the shoreline, so it may make certain areas inaccessible to houseboats. It may also uncover other areas that were previously underwater, allowing you to see things that haven't been seen in years.

It may also change the launch ramp accessibility if you're bringing your own watercrafts to launch.


2024 Season Stats:

Lake Powell, AZ/UT is up 5 feet from this time last year! As of June 5, 2024 it's at 3571.83' elevation out of 3700. 1960 miles of shoreline!

Check current levels: Lake Powell Water Level

Keep in mind, that Lake Powell is huge! So even though it's 35% of full pool, that's still a LOT of water, and an average of 300 feet depth. That means, more (not less) canyons and shoreline to explore.

Know before you go:

  • Castle Rock Cut will become operable at 3583 feet.
  • Dangling Rope Marina is permanately closed. With no fuel stop on the lake, it's recommended that you stay within 25 miles along the main channel from the marina to ensure you have enough fuel to make it back.
  • Having a powerboat or other watercrafts with you, and a remote fuel tank on the houseboat, will allow you to explore more of the lake.
  • The Ferry between Bullfrog and Hall's Crossing Marinas is no longer operational.
  • Rainbow Bridge: the water is back up to reach the floating dock! The courtesy dock, walkways and restrooms have been re-anchored and provide access to the Rainbow Bridge Trail. It's about a 1.2 mile hike to the bridge overlook.
  • For updated conditions and accessibility of launch ramps, visit the NPS website: Lake Powell Changing Lake Levels


Lake Mead, NV is at 1066.16' elevation out of 1229 as of June 5, 2024. This is up over 11 feet since last year, allowing 550 miles of shoreline. The public launch ramp at Callville Bay Marina is open if you are bringing your own powerboat or pwc.

Check current levels: Lake Mead Water Level


Lake Mohave, NV is within 5 feet of full pool, at 642.79' elevation out of 647 as of June 5, 2024. 237 miles of shoreline is perfect for your houseboat vacation.

Check current levels: Lake Mohave Water Level


Shasta Lake, CA is also nearly full pool, within 10 feet, at 1057.35' elevation out of 1067 as of June 5, 2024. 365 miles of shoreline means you never have to fight for a beach for your group.

Check current levels: Shasta Lake Water Level


The 2024 houseboating season is looking fantastic! Give us a call at 888-454-8825 to start planning your houseboat adventure, or send an Online Request and an agent will reach out to you.


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