How to Save on a Houseboat Vacation

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Apr 5, 2024
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How to Save on a Houseboat Vacation

A common misconception about houseboating is that it'll break the bank. On the contrary! We're here to help you find the right houseboat for your group and your budget. (And let you in on some tips to make the most out of your time, and your money.)

Choosing a Houseboat:

With the approximate number of your expected party, you'll be able to determine how many beds and bathrooms you'll need to make everyone comfortable. If you're bringing kids, they're the perfect candidates to share the main living area on pull out sofas or air mattresses, or on the top deck under the stars.

The level of amenities is also a determining factor of the cost of a houseboat. Luxury amenities on a houseboat might look like: upgraded interior, a hot tub on the top deck, bigger TV's or satellite reception, a clothes dryer, etc. A boat with all of the bells and whistles is bound to cost more than one that's no-frills.

Meal Planning:

The fact that you're not going out for every meal will help keep the cost lower than a "traditional" vacation. Plan your meals ahead of time, and split the cost of groceries and cooking/cleaning duties with your group.

Pro tip: prep some meals in advance if you're able. Freeze things like prepared taco meat flat in a gallon plastic bag, it will double as ice in your cooler. Also, buy main ingredients like chicken or sandwich fixins in bulk to help keep that food cost low (and no-stress meal prep).

Specials and Discounts:

Generally, rates are lower "off season" than in the summer months. Give yourself an automatic discount by visiting in the lower seasons. But be sure to book early; lower season dates fill up quickly, especially the dates that border peak season.

Keep an eye on our Specials Page or ask your houseboat agent about any discounts that may apply. We'll give you all the insider information on how to save, and details about the best deals available.


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