Items to bring

The following items are only a suggestion of what you might bring on your houseboating trip.

Important Items:

  • Reservation confirmation paperwork and photo ID - contract holder only
  • First Aid Kit (Visine, bug spray, Aspirin, Tums, bandages, antiseptic spray)
  • Plenty of ice for food and drinks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Beach towels

Personal Items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Chap stick
  • Hats, sun visor and/or sunglasses
  • Seasonal clothing

Food Preparation Items:

  • Paper plates, paper cups & plastic utensils for your clean up
  • Plastic containers or self-closing bags to store any leftovers
  • Paper towels & kitchen towels for clean up
  • Meals/drinks/snacks/seasonings for meats/condiments
  • Barbecue utensils

Other Useful Houseboating Items:

  • Firewood for evening fires on the beach (may purchase at marina store)
  • Favorite CD's and DVD’s
  • Extra batteries
  • Fishing license, tackle & poles - to help catch your dinner
  • Small ice chest - to store all the fish you will catch
  • Disposable aluminum pie plates to prevent land critters from boarding your houseboat
  • Bug repellent candles
  • Musical instruments, playing cards, games for evening entertainment
  • Lounge chairs - 2 are provided - we also provide deck chairs
  • Water skis, tube & kneeboards (may rent at boat rentals)
  • Tent or canopy with poles (set up shade on beach area)
  • Kerosene lamps, battery lamp or flashlight (for extra light on the beach)
  • Binoculars (to help find the perfect beach)
  • Camera (and film if you're old school) so you can take pictures back home to brag about your ultimate vacation
  • A book to catch up on some over due reading