Kentucky Lake Houseboat Rentals

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Kentucky Lake is one of the largest reservoirs in the world, but despite being man-made, its eastern shore is a natural wonder in itself. Its western shores, although more likely to be developed, tend to be developed with the kinds of things the whole family will enjoy, such as water parks, golf courses and museums.

While houseboating on Kentucky Lake, you may want to rent a personal watercraft to explore the narrower portions of the lake. Also, if the lake is so huge that a full exploration may be next to impossible, waterskiing on the lake is an experience not to be missed. Neither is swimming in the warm summer waters. Fishermen will be thrilled as well - the record size White Bass, Buffalo Carp and Yellow Perch in Kentucky were caught here.

When you're ready to moor for the night, you may want to set down anchor next to one of the lake's three main parks: Kentucky Dam State Resort Park, Kenlake State Resort Park, or the massive Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. You'll have plenty of room to hike and stretch your legs, no matter where you end up.

Green Turtle Bay Marina is actually located on Lake Barkley, but Lake Barkley is connected to Lake Kentucky by a channel of water. Travelling from one lake to the other is only a matter of fifteen minutes by houseboat.