Meal Planning

Houseboating always requires copious amounts of planning, let us help you on some of the specifics.

Before your trip:
If possible, we recommend prepping your meals as much as possible before leaving for your trip. This is obviously easier if you are driving to the lake rather than flying and then driving. Either way, if you can, you will have more time to enjoy your trip if you have prepped your meals. Usually you can chop up vegetables and fruits ahead of time and even assemble ingredients in neat packages for each day of cooking.

During your trip:
Whether you’re going with family or friends or both, no doubt you don’t want to be doing all of the cooking and dishes on the trip. There are many ways to distribute the meal planning and cooking for your trip. Here are some ideas from some veteran houseboat vacationers:

“I assign one family or couple to meals for each day of the trip while everyone brings their own snacks and beverages for the entire trip.”---Amber, Layton, UT
“I do all the meal planning and shopping to avoid overlap of ingredients and cut down costs, then I let people sign up for which meal they want to cook.”---Stacy, Salt Lake City, UT

However you decide to share the duties, use our easy chart for assigning tasks.

Snacks & Beverages
Day 1 i.e. Smiths i.e. Johnsons    
Day 2        
Day 3        
Day 4        
Day 5        
Day 6        
Day 7