Sightseeing at Shasta Lake

  • Shasta Caverns - 20359 Shasta Cavern Rd, Lake Head, CA 96051, Phone: (800) 795-2283, (530) 238-2341 - this cavern can be reached by car or boat. Boaters will head north on the McCloud River arm of Shasta Lake, passing Holiday Harbor Marina on the west, then look for the Lake Shasta Caverns' signs on the east side. Houseboats may park on shore while small boats and personal watercraft use the dock. Tour tickets are available for purchase at the gift shop.
  • Sacramento Arm - Features red basalt rocks on the western shore. Near the Antlers resort the rock creates columns like those seen at Devil's Postpile National Monument. Across from the Antlers Resort you'll find Indian Creek where just a little ways up is a waterfall.
  • McCloud Arm - This part of the lake is surrounded by limestone mountains, known as The Grey Rocks. The Grey Rocks are home to Shasta Caverns and Samwel Cave (otherwise called “Cave of the Lost Maiden). Samwel Cave is just 2 miles south of the McCloud Bridge, a trail is accessible by land only.
  • Squaw Creek Arm - This arm is narrower than the others, but with not quite as steep of a shoreline so there are more beach areas, making it popular for houseboating. It is also abundant with wildlife.
  • Pit River Arm - Home to the Pit River Bridge, high above Bridge Bay, which is the highest double-decker bridge in the U.S. The lower area is wide and open and you can see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Upwards on the arm, the lake narrows revealing intimate coves and inlets for relaxing and playing.