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Sutton Lake is a beautiful, clear and clean fresh water lake located in the Mountain Lakes Region of Central West Virginia. The lake is a Corps of Engineers Flood Control and Water Quality Project. The Dam was completed in 1960 and the lake was filled in 1961. One of the most striking features of Sutton Lake is that it is surrounded by over 10,000 acres of public land. There are no commercial developments on the lake, and no houses. Pristine water and green mountains as far as the eye can see. There are 44 miles of shoreline and hundreds of coves where you can spend the day or night in seclusion.

The lake is uncrowded with boat traffic so the water skier, wake boarder, jet skier, and tuber can find that elusive glass-like water for carving. And the fishing is great! Over 60 bass tournaments are held at Sutton Lake annually, and crappie are plentiful too. Sutton Lake is an ideal location for those who love to fish and those with friends and family who desire a wide array of recreational activities.

Within about a 10 minute drive, you can experience the small town flavor of Downtown Sutton or have the opportunity to shop at The Flatwoods Mall’s many outlet stores.