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Crooked Lake is a small, pleasant lake with one close small, pleasant neighbor, Pickeral Lake, which it is connected to via channel. On the other side of the lake is a truly massive neighbor, Lake Michigan, one of the most formidably great of the Great Lakes. Against that oversized backdrop, Crooked Lake is a contained outing, a lake that can be fully explored, rather than simply lost in, and is considered part of the rich Little Traverse Bay area. Crooked Lake is, however, also part of Michigan's Inland Waterway, a string of lakes and rivers that lead directly into another Great Lake, Lake Huron, so your experience may be varied indeed.

Houseboating this lake is like boating a Great Lake in miniature, with similar scenery and less of an overwhelming expanse. You'll want to motor by one of the lake's islands, or explore the shoreline on a watercraft as well. Fishing is also a fun activity here, with species that range from largemouth bass to yellow perch.