Getting to Know Your Houseboating Agents

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Getting to Know Your Houseboating Agents

A Utah based company, is the premier internet source to discover and schedule your houseboat vacation. We represent every major houseboating destination in North America, including Lake Powell, Lake Cumberland, and all points in between. We like to make personal connections with our clients while supplying as much information as possible to ensure you're getting all the facts and the very best deals for your own houseboat vacation. Each of the agents here have been on a houseboat vacation and have firsthand experience. We'll show you "the ropes" to make sure you have just as much fun as we do!


Getting to know us:

Robert Boulds ran track in college and continues to enjoy running today. He recently completed a marathon and is planning to repeat it again soon. He is an avid golfer and a passionate fan of college basketball where he follows his alma mater, Gonzaga University. He likes spending time with his wife and 3 sons. Robert's fondest houseboat memory took place at Lake Powell, where he and his family took a very large houseboat up a narrow canyon. It was a bit scary at the time, but in retrospect, a funny experience parking a large houseboat in a narrow area. 

  • Robert's Expert Advice: "If you have a large group, divide and conquer when it comes to meal planning. If you're going for 4 nights and have 4 families, make each family responsible for one dinner. Also, divide the groceries to be purchased and transported amongst the group."

Stacy Ludlow is the office den mother, baker, information desk, and is a walking houseboating encylopedia. She loves gardening, and has completely redesigned and landscaped her entire yard. Her favorite houseboat memory took place at Lake Powell, where she and her friends swear they saw a fire spreading along the ridge. They ran in to the houseboat to call the Park Service and exclaimed that it was "spreading really quickly!" They all stood outside watching it grow, when upon closer inspection they realized it was just a bunch of houseboat lights that were slowly turning on as it got darker. Sheepishly, they called the Park Service back to explain their mistake. They still laugh about it 5 years later.

  • Stacy's Expert Advice: "Make sure to bring things to keep you occupied during down times. Games, movies and extra snacks are excellent boredom busters if sunburn or an unexpected storm comes up, preventing you from going outside."

Amber Ohrn is a busy mom to 5 kids, a crochet enthusiast and a bookworm. One of her favorite houseboat vacations was at Lake Shasta, playing on the water with jet skis, waterskiing, and exploring the McCloud Arm of the lake. She was intrigued with the history of the lake and enjoyed the beauty of the area. Her son Jack, only 4 months old at the time, had great fun as well.

  • Amber's Expert Advice: "Don't be afraid to bring your children, no matter their age. Of course, there are some safety measures to take, but houseboating is fun and safe for the whole family!" See also: Houseboating with Children for ways to prepare for your vacation with children.

Katy Robertson is always the life of the party and is constantly making us laugh. She loves being with her daughter Lexie and dog Charlie. She's also a diehard Utah Jazz fan and prefers the beach to skiing or snowboarding. Katy has a love for the ocean; she gets away to the beach every chance she gets: to Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and the coastal USA. Katy's favorite houseboat memory was at Lake Powell. She and her group watched a movie on a red rock cliff using a projector from the top deck. She remembers the sky being so clear they could see the stars perfectly. It was so peaceful and the perfect way to end a long and fun day in the sun.

  • Katy's Expert Advice: "When I go houseboating, I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all the time, so we plan simple grab-n-go meals. That way, we're all free to have more fun!" See our Meal Planning post for more tips!

Amber "Am" Henrie is our resident movie star as she recently had a large role in a feature film. She loves to be outdoors, travel, take photographs, and spending time with her husband, step-daughter and cat. Her favorite houseboat memory was also at Lake Powell. They moored the houseboat in a perfect little cove with an island in the middle, they called it their "cul-de-sac." The trip was full of swimming, hiking, exploring, and nights by the fire.

  • Am's Expert Advice: "Be sure to bring people you enjoy being around for extended periods of time. Who tags along can make or break your trip."

Heather Mattocks is a wannabe world traveler and is forever planning her next vacation (that she doesn't always take.) When she's home, she loves reading and being outside biking, running or hiking with her two puppies. She took her first houseboat vacation to Lake Mead last year. She was surprised just how little you need to bring to occupy yourself with. She and her group enjoyed exploring the area, swimming up and down the cove, and just having fun on the houseboat slide. (It's not just for the kids!)

  • Heather's Expert Advice: "Bring/rent an extra watercraft (ski boat, jet skis, etc.) for exploring, and use your houseboat as a home base. It will save you time as well as fuel while you're exploring the area, which will allow you to make the most of your vacation time."

You have a friend in Give us a call at 888-454-8825 or Request Information online. We'd be honored to learn about you and your group so we can help you plan a houseboat vacation unique to fit your needs. Now that we've shared our favorite houseboat memories, what are some of yours?

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Happy Labor Day!

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