How to Enrich Your Houseboat Vacation

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How to Enrich Your Houseboat Vacation

It is always the little things that create big memories!  When I think back to my most memorable vacations as a child, I don't remember what I wore, what I ate, or the big fight that crazy Uncle Joe got into with crazy Uncle Tom.  I remember the time we spent together.  The things we laughed about.  The songs we sang.  The silly carefree behavior that my parents displayed when in paradise instead of work mode.  Here are some activities to consider to make your special and unique trips magical ones!  You certainly don't have to go overboard with ideas, as these little activites packed a pretty big punch in my memory bank. 


Star Party

When you are so far away from light pollution from the city, the night sky is something to worship.  You will see more stars than you have ever dreamed of! These days you can purchase a telescope on Amazon for as little as $26 dollars which will do the trick for your houseboat star party.  Print off or purchase a map of the night sky with constellations or planets to view while stargazing on the beach or on the top deck of your houseboat.  Bring some glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets for a little extra ambiance.  Wrap yourself up in a blanket and grab your hot cocoa to keep warm!

Movie on the Rocks

Change it up a bit and set up a movie night under the stars.  Find a surface that you can display your movie. Whether you have the perfect rock wall setting to view your flick or whether you have to prop up a white sheet in the sand held up by brooms, either way works!  Pop some popcorn, lay out blankets in the sand or set up your chairs and loungers, grab a blanket and enjoy the show!  Hand sized movie projectors are available for purchase that simply plug in to your device that will display your downloaded movies.


Laser Show

This may sound like I am suggesting a rave, but I promise you I am not. A friend of mine brought a laser pen on our houseboat which of course I made fun of immediately.  This was one of the coolest things I have seen for entertaining on a houseboat.   This particular laser pen, when you twisted it will change the shapes, colors and patterns that appeared when projected onto a surface.  We projected it on our massive rock wall surrounding our beach and tied it in with some music.  It was amazing!  We watched the laser show for an hour and then everyone applauded our showman for giving us a cool and unique experience.   

Theme Night

Choosing a night to dress up can be especially fun for both kids and adults.  Putting on a costume can help create a character, and when we are in character we may tend to bring down our walls and act silly; a great ice breaker for group members who may not know everyone on the trip.  Here are some ideas: Pirate night, Murder Mystery night, Back to Prom night, 80’ Dance Party night, Disco night, Superhero night, Mardi Gras night, Disco night, Hawaiian Luau night, Casino night, Movie theme night, Hollywood night, Black tie night, Masquerade Ball night or Toga party night. 

Family Shirts or Hoodies

Preparing trip favors or souvenirs is a great way to make your crew feel special.  Group tees or hoodies that will have the year of your trip, or maybe the last name of the person printed on the fabric will be something tangible you can use and enjoy for years to come. They make great photos too.  

Water Slide

Make your own Slip N' Slide!  You will want to purchase a roll of heavy duty sheet plastic. Determine where on your beach you will be hosting your Olympic game...and then roll it out! These can span the entire length of the beach or you can get creative based off of your beach and location.  Bring a bucket to pour your water on the plastic and some biodegradable dish soap to keep it slick!  Be careful….and have fun!    



Beach Games

Frisby, paddle ball, bocce ball and cornhole are classics for just you and a few friends.  If you would like to include the entire group, consider flag football, capture the flag, volleyball, kick the can, limbo or tug of war. Pick your teams by drawing names to make it interesting!

Campfire Karaoke 

There is always that one person in the group who will bring their guitar and is begging for someone to jam with.  May as well make it a group activity around the campfire.  Prizes can be awarded for best improv song, rap, battle of the divas or karaoke!  

Getting away for a bit on a vacation with your friends and loved ones is already special. Take my advice and add a few of these suggestions to your itinerary, as it will definitely enrich your experience and create memories that you will cherish forever. 






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Flicks and Reads to Inspire Your Houseboat Vacation

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Houseboating with Your Toddler- You can do it!

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