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Lake Koocanusa is a mountain lake surrounded by the mountains of two countries, the United States and Canada. Narrow and long like many river-fed reservoirs in high places, Koocanusa is a gorgeous recreation spot, perfect for everything from houseboating to waterskiing, from fishing to camping and picnicking.

Lake Koocanusa glistens widely between banks of weaving shoreline in which even the largest houseboat can slip into complete solitude. Much of this shoreline can only be reached by boat, so when you set down anchor and step out onto the sandy beaches under the trees, you will truly be alone with nature.

What does populate the lakeshore is wildlife. You may catch a raccoon or a river otter on the banks, or a striding great blue heron in the shallows. You may even see a rare trumpeter swan in flight. While fishing from your houseboat, you'll find the lake is populated richly by fish, too - by Kokanee Salmon, Burbot and Kamloops, as well as Whitefish and West Slope Cutthroat.