Lake Lanier Houseboat Rentals

Explore Houseboats at Lake Lanier

Just outside Atlanta lies Lake Lanier, Georgia's largest and most popular lake. Created by the Buford Dam, which filled the lake and turned the area's hills into the Lake Lanier Islands which number over 100. These islands, in addition to the lake's natural beauty, provide the perfect houseboating experience.

Lake Lanier itself is so immense that its popularity does little to make it feel crowded. It's been an Olympic venue and today remains a summer destination for people who love as much sun and water as they can get.

The 692 miles of shoreline is predominately covered in trees, contributing to the picturesque landscape. The water is warm and fish are plentiful, with a very healthy fish population of species that range from Largemouth Bass to Black Crappie and Gar. If you like closer contact with the lake than a boat can provide, the water is wonderful for swimming, water skiing, or whooshing by on a personal watercraft.