Lake Travis Houseboat Rentals

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Lake Travis, largest of the Hill Country's Highland Lakes, is gloriously clear and clean. The reservoir brushes against Austin, one of the greenest of large cities, and the healthy, untamed trees and rocks of the shores lend shade and scenery to the waters. The long, serpentine curves of the lake give houseboating trips the potential for constant surprise - there's always something new around the next bend.

After a cruise along the banks or down the broad center of the water, you may want to experience the water first hand by taking a swim, or by scuba diving into Lake Travis's significant depths - in parts, the water is 210 feet deep. Waterskiing and motorboating on the lake is also especially entertaining.

Another popular recreational activity on Lake Travis is fishing. Lay a line in the water while you relax on the back deck of your houseboat and you may well be rewarded by a largemouth bass or a sunfish.