Mississippi River Houseboat Rentals

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Taking one look at the Mississippi River will generally cause a sense of awe and amazement at the sheer size and power of such a huge body of water. Because of this boating on the river doesn't always strike some as a great idea, however, the Upper Mississippi River presents one of the best and most unique houseboating waters in the United States. With an unimaginable acreage of water, hundreds of miles of shoreline, numerous islands, and amazing river town communities to discover, it is no surprise that the Upper Mississippi is a gem that can be considered one of the nation's most well kept secrets.

The St. Croix River is also accessible here and offers the same picturesque scenery and charming river towns. These river towns and the miles of uninhabited pure sand beaches combine to form an amazing opportunity best seen by a houseboat.

Taking a houseboating vacation is the equivalent of renting a hotel room in one of these charming vacation river towns. The only difference? You can still sleep in comfort in the air conditioning, cooking your own meals or dining out, while enjoying the serenity of the water, all while visiting multiple charming little towns and amazingly pure, clean beaches. Look at some of our rental options and see which boats provide the best opportunity to achieve the amazing vacation you desire.