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The Tennessee River has a number of reservoirs off its tributaries, but Norris Lake is the largest and most popular. There are an astounding number of marinas along the shore, but as Norris Lake has hundreds and hundreds of miles of shoreline, it maintains a wild and forested atmosphere. It's more than an atmosphere. Wildlife, from wildflowers to songbirds to fish, is plentiful, and you can see much of it from the deck of a houseboat.

Renting a personal watercraft or powerboat along with your houseboat is an excellent way to explore the multitude of twisty coves and gorgeous tree darkened inlets. Norris Lake is also an excellent lake for trout and bass fishing - in fact, the largest brown trout ever caught in Tennessee was caught here. Norris Lake is also known for its warm waters, which can make swimming very pleasant indeed.

Whether you prefer to explore the lake from the top deck of a houseboat, from a speedy personal watercraft, or in the water itself, Norris Lake is beautiful and large and has plenty to do, on shore and off.