Plans For Lake Powell

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Plans For Lake Powell

With 2022 just around the corner, planning early is a must for your next vacation! Houseboating on Lake Powell is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and exciting things you will ever experience. Sparkling water surrounded by red rock cliffs gives the impression of floating through the Grand Canyon. Meander for miles throught majestic sandstone rock formations, towering canyon walls and vibrant red rock buttes, all while surrounded in azure blue waters. The encounter oftentimes feels completely unearthly.   

Choosing which marina to depart from is usually determined by where you are coming from, however, either end of the lake will offer houseboats, speedboats, waverunners, amazing views, slot canyons, beaches, ruins, petroglyphs, hiking, fishing and more. Don't forget your fishing license online before you arrive. 

Mileage from Major Cities

Wahweap Marina

Bullfrog Marina

Los Angeles

540 miles or 8 hrs

716 miles or 11.5 hrs

San Diego

597 miles or 9 hrs

773 miles or 12.5 hrs

Las Vegas

267 miles or 4 hrs

443 miles or 7.5 hrs


649 miles or 10 hrs

480 miles or 7.5 hrs

Salt Lake City

381 miles or 6 hours

296 miles or 5 hrs


461 miles or 6.5 hrs

391 miles or 7.5 hrs


280 miles or 4.5 hrs

483 miles or 8 hrs


399 miles or 6.5 hrs

602 miles or 10 hrs


121 miles or 2.5 hrs

434 miles or 6 hrs


Wahweap Marina is the most convenient due to the closer drive times, shorter flight times, and the services offered in Page. Grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and more are located just 9 miles from the marina and makes gathering provisions much easier the morning of your trip. There are 10 different models of houseboat to choose from ranging from 6- to 14-sleepers. 

Bullfrog Marina is a bit more secluded and remote, so planning ahead is key. Depending on which direction you are coming in from, your nearest grocery store will be several hours away. Beauty resides at both ends and would be hard to choose a favorite. There are 7 different models of houseboat to choose from sleeping 6 to 14. 

*Coast Guard Regulations mandate a maximum of 12 people on the houseboat anytime you are moving on the water. When you're beached and anchored you can have more than 12 on board.

Rainbow Bridge is just one of the many majestic sights, created by wind, rain and sand. Only accessible by hike or small watercrafts, this is located between mile markers 49 and 50, about halfway in between Wahweap and Bullfrog marinas.

With endless miles of water and shore lines, finding a big beach with privacy is very achievable. Sometimes you feel like you are the only person on the lake. The early chilly mornings, the stillness of the lake before anyone is awake, the excitement of a full day ahead of you, and the smell of feedom, peace and happiness is prevelant out there. 



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