Top Things to Do on Lake Powell

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Top Things to Do on Lake Powell

Sightseeing on Lake Powell is one of the most breathtaking things you will ever experience. Sparkling water surrounded by red rock cliffs gives the impression of floating in the Grand Canyon.  The Rainbow Bridge is just one of the many majestic sights on Lake Powell. Created by wind, rain and sand, this treasure was named a National Monument by President Taft on May 30, 1910.

Not to be missed are the many slot canyons that make up a large part of Lake Powell. Imagine the serenity you feel as you drive your houseboat between the mammoth sandstone walls as you look up, up, up to the sky and feel like a speck on the water. Padre Bay is a well known area on Lake Powell, located on the south end of the lake near mile marker 22.

Awesome video by Mr. Jeffrey Lehman & the Weekend Explorer

Other notable sights are the Cathedral in the Dessert, La Gorce Arch and Navajo Canon. Purchasing a Stan Jones Map from us will better prepare you with a destination in mind before embarking on your houseboat journey.

In the words of Washington Irving, "There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind." Fishing on Lake Powell takes this serenity to a whole new level. Imagine pulling in to your own private cove and casting your line in the deep sparkling waters. Even the most inexperienced of fishermen will have the time of their lives. And with record 32 lb Carp, 16 lb Rainbow Trout, 24 lb Channel Catfish and 1 lb 8 oz blue gill teaming about, you'll never have to tell about the one that got away! Lees Ferry, located below the Glen Canyon Dam, is reputed to be one of the top rated "blue ribbon" trout fisheries in the world. Since Lake Powell spans both Utah and Arizona, a license for both states is required for fishing. More licensing information can be found through the following links:

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Arizona Game and Fishing Department

Make sure to pack your hiking boots because with 2,000 miles of shore line there is an over abundance of hiking trails to explore. Prepare yourself to see waterfalls, amazing rock formations and natural formed arches on your hike. If you are feeling adventurous you can go trail blazing and forge your own path. Or use the Stan Jones Map above to find the hundreds of marked trails. A Kayak or powerboat can help get you in to those smaller canyons not accessible by houseboat.

Each time I stand on the edge of my houseboat's swim platform, looking at the school of fish swimming about, I always feel a moment of hesitation as I anticipate my jump in to the water, knowing I will go down down down into the clear waters. I adjust my pool noodle, plug my nose, hold my breath, and leap out as far from the hungry fish as I can throw myself. I pop back up laughing and feeling exhilarated! I could, and often do, spend several hours a day floating and swimming, talking with my friends and turning all shriveled up like a raisin.

For the more active person, water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing and air chairs are just a few of the amazing water sports that you can do on Lake Powell. The best time to do these activities is in the morning and early evening when the waters are glassy and smooth. With our large selection of powerboats and personal watercrafts we are sure to have the right rental to meet your needs. Check out our inventory below:

Lake Powell Watercraft

As you can imagine, Lake Powell is home to a huge variety of aquatic wildlife. However did you know that it is also known for its avian wildlife as well, including several specials that were near extinction at one point before they discovered Lake Powell? One such bird is our very own national symbol, the Bald or American Eagle. Due to their preferred diet of fish, the Bald Eagle is a frequent visitor to Lake Powell in the fall and winter months. Cited to have as many as 45 in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area, annual surveys show an average of 18 - 20 each winter. January and February are a great time to see these amazing birds. Peregrine Falcons are also prevalent at Lake Powell. Though still on the endangered list, their population has been booming over the last 10 years or so.

You can also expect to see big horn sheep, jackrabbits, lizards and frogs, including the near extinct Northern Leopard Frog. Don't forget to pack your binoculars!

Stretching more than 95 lake miles, Lake Powell is equipped with 3 full service marinas: Wahweap and Antelope Point on the south end of the lake, in Page, Arizona as well as the Bullfrog Marina on the north end of the lake. Each of these marinas has houseboat rentals, fuel docks, marina stores and FOOD! Even with all of the delicious campfire hot dogs, fried fish and dutch oven cobblers that you've prepared on your houseboat trip, eventually we all get tired of cooking our own food. So why not pull your houseboat up to the courtesy dock, stretch your sea legs, and have someone else cook a meal or two? Grab a sandwich on the go at any of the marinas, enjoy some pub fair, or sit down and enjoy a full meal at the world's largest Floating Restaurant and Lounge at Antelope Point.

In case the constant water skiing, late night black jack games, ghost stories around the campfire and S'more eating contests aren't enough to keep you entertained, Lake Powell hosts some great events throughout the year. Powellapalooza is one of the most well known summer events on Lake Powell. This 3 day concert on the water attracts people around the world with it's live bands and awesome music. There's no bad seat in the house, because it's all outside on the water! Pull up your inner tube, water wings, or kickboard and enjoy the sights and sounds.

In September, try your hand at the 8.5 mile Poker Run where you drive your speedboat to different locations, collecting the best poker hand and the chance to win great prizes. Or the annual Fall Fishing Festival is one you will not want to miss. On holidays such as Veterans Day and other designated dates throughout the year, enjoy fee free admittance to the park! That'll buy you a whole bunch of marshmallows!Other activities on or near by Lake Powell include: Tours, Guided Fishing Trips, River Rafting on the Colorado River, and Horseback Riding. Check out our Lake Powell travel tips page for more fun things to do!

One of the most frequent comments that we hear is "Well, I have driven a 19-foot boat before but have never driven something as big as a it difficult to do?" I am usually able to reassure our clients by saying "Driving a houseboat is more like driving an RV than like driving a boat. Even though they are large and seem overwhelming, keep in mind that you are only driving 5 - 10 mpg (depending on the actual boat size) so it's not like you are zipping around the lake trying to avoid people! Another one of my favorite questions is "How the heck do I anchor this thing?!" Don’t worry, mooring the houseboat is actually quite easy. You will receive a complete orientation when you check in for your houseboat and during that time they will teach you to drive the houseboat and to moor the houseboat. You simply drive the front of the houseboat near the shore line, being careful not to hit a rock or scrape the bottom of the houseboat. Depending on the size of your houseboat you will have 2 or 4 mooring lines with "anchors" on the ends of them. Use the provided shovel to dig a small hole, place the anchors in them and hold them down with the plentiful rocks in the area. You might need to use the sledgehammer as well to ensure they are securely wedged in the ground.

No matter your age, activity level or interests, there is always more than enough happening on a Lake Powell houseboat vacation to keep everyone entertained!

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