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Voyageurs National Park - Frequently Asked Questions

Presented below are frequently asked questions about houseboat rentals and houseboating on Voyageurs National Park. If you need additional assistance, please contact us toll-free at 888-454-8825 or click here to submit a request for more guidance. Our friendly and knowledgeable Houseboat Rental Agents are always happy to help.

Houseboating season is typically from mid-May through September. Summer (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) is the most popular and is the busiest season. View a month-by-month list of temperatures here: Average Temperatures

The maximum capacity on any houseboat is the number the houseboat sleeps at all times. This is a regulation set by the Coast Guard.

To rent from Ebels Marina, the renter must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers' license.

To rent from Voyagaire's Lodge and Houseboats, the renter must be at least 21 years of age with a valid drivers' license.

From Ebels Marina

  • Dogs are allowed for no additional cost.

From Voyagaires Marina:

  • Dogs are allowed for $20 per dog per night on all houseboats except the Voyagaire 630

There is no special licensing or prior experience required to operate these houseboat rentals; just a valid drivers' license. The marina staff will go over operations and regulations in an orientation upon your arrival.

Marina staff will also pilot you in and out of the marina itself; you'll take over on open water.

The cost of a houseboat vacation is based on a few variables: what time of year you plan to visit, what size of houseboat, how long of a trip, etc. See the Pricing Page for more details.

Voyageurs National Park / Rainy Lake requires overnight permits for each night of your houseboat vacation. You Must purchase a National Park - Overnight Houseboat Permit for $10 per night ONLINE prior to arrival: Prices are subject to change and will be noted when you purchase your permit.

Generally, people reserve about 6 months in advance. But it's always a good idea to make a reservation as soon as you're ready, especially if you have specific dates in mind or if you're planning a trip over a holiday weekend or on a special promotion.

Give us a call at 888-454-8825. Our reservation agents are happy to check availability or confirm your vacation.

Alternatively, you may Contact Us Online with your availability request, and one of our agents will get back to you with the information you need.

From Ebles Marina:

To reserve:

  • A deposit of $500-2000 (depending on houseboat model) is due upon booking by credit card over the phone. This amount applies toward your total like a down payment.
  • Vista class houseboats require 1/3rd of the rental due upon booking by credit card over the phone.
  • The remaining rental cost is due 45 days prior to your arrival.


  • More than 45 days notice: deposit is non-refundable
  • Less than 45 days notice: forfeit full rental

From Voyagaires Marina:

To reserve:

  • A deposit of $750 - $1000 (depending on houseboat model) is due upon booking by credit card over the phone. This amount applies toward your total like a down payment.
  • The remaining rental cost is due 90 days prior to your arrival by personal check, cashier's check, or money order


  • Any money paid up to the time of cancellation is non-refundable

Basics such as cookware and serve-ware (pots, plans, plates, glasses, utensils, etc.) come equipped on the houseboat. You are responsible for bringing all of your food, beverages, and spices down to salt and pepper.

More specifics can be accessed on the houseboat page under Amenities and Items Provided. There will also be more included in the attachments of your confirmation email.

Fuel is not included in the houseboat rental. Like a rental car, you'll pick up the houseboat full and you'll be responsible for the final refueling at the end of your trip to pay for what you've used.

Typically, we recommend that you budget about $100 per day for fuel. Of course, it may be more or less based on how much you drive the houseboat each day and how much you run the generator.

From Ebels Marina:

  • Linens are provided with the 65' Series and all Vista Class houseboats. Feel free to bring your own bed linens and bath towels.
  • *Linen packages available at the marina for $15 (includes a set of sheets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and wash cloths.)

From Voyagaires Marina:

  • Pillows and Blankets are provided
  • A linen package including sheets, bath towels and kitchen linens can be rented for $22 per person (with 2 weeks advance notice)

From Ebels Marina:

  • You may pick up the houseboat as early as 1pm, and it is not due back at the marina until 9-10am on your final day.

From Voyagaire:

  • Houseboat check-in time is 1:00 - 3:00 p.m., however early boarding is offered if you are staying at the Lodge the night before
  • Houseboats must be back at the dock by 9:00 a.m.

Please make prior arrangements with the marina if you are to arrive later than 5pm. The marina staff will expect your arrival so you can load the houseboat and sleep on it that night in the marina, then go through the check in and orientation process the next morning before you go out on the water.

Yes, a small watercraft is required with all houseboat rentals as a safety precaution.

From Ebels marina:

  • The marina includes a fishing boat (no motor) with your houseboat rental. You may rent a motor from the marina for an extra cost or you are welcome to bring your own.

From Voyagaire Marina:

  • The marina has many fishing boat options for you to rent, as well as a pontoon boat. 

See our rental options: Watercraft Rentals

From Ebels Marina:

  • The Voyageur series houseboats do not have generators.
  • If you're planning to bring something that requires electricity (laptop, hairdryer, etc.), you would need a generator, available for rent from the marina.

From Voyagaire Marina:

  • All houseboats have generators. Some are portable and some are built-in

Voyageurs National Park is located in northern Minnesota near the Ontario border See our Map/Directions page to view a map and directions to the Voyageurs National Park area.

Ebels Marina
10326 Ash River Trail, Orr MN 55771

Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats
7576 Gold Coast Rd, Crane Lake, MN 55725

*The above addresses are for driving directions only. Do not mail payments to these address unless otherwise instructed

From Ebels Marina:

  • The nearest major grocery stores are located in Virginia, MN about 80 miles away from the marina, or International Falls, MN (if you're coming from the north) about 37 miles away from the marina.
  • The marina has a marina store stocked with limited convenience items and ice.
  • You will want to come fully prepared with all groceries as there are no grocery opportunities along the lake.

From Voyagaire Marina:

  • The nearest major grocery stores are about 40 miles away so you will want to do your major shopping on your way in, however the marina also offers a grocery provisioning service 
  • The $75 hospitality service fee covers delivering supplies such as groceries, ice, beer and even fuel to your houseboat if needed throughout your trip.

Yes! Fishing is great at Voyageurs National Park! There are a variety of fish found in these waters including: Walleye, Crappie, Muskie, Northern Pike, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, among many others.

A Minnesota fishing license is required to fish on Voyageurs National Park. Purchase a Minnesota license online here: Minnesota Fishing License . If you are traveling to and fishing in Canadian waters, you will also need an Ontario fishing license as well as a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit (obtained through Canadian Customs.) Purchase an Ontario license online here: Ontario Fishing License

Seasickness is very uncommon on fresh water because the lake is mostly calm and houseboats are wider and more stable than smaller boats. However, if you get sick easily we recommend that you take necessary precautions.