Houseboat, Hotel, or Camping?

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Houseboat, Hotel, or Camping?

There are several ways to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation at the Lake. So do you rent a houseboat, a hotel room, or just camp along the shoreline? Which will be the best for you and your group? We've made a list of the Pros and Cons for each option to help you decide.


The most cost effective option of the three, camping allows you to be closer to nature while keeping that overall cost low.

The fun of camping has it's perks, but when comparing to those of renting a houseboat or a hotel room, camping has it's challenges as well.


  • Sleeping can be uncomfortable
  • Shared bathroom in a campground, or improvise
  • Bringing all equipment: cookware, serveware, tent, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Keeping food cool can be difficult
  • Designated areas may be close but not ON the lake


Hotel Room

Renting a hotel room is an option for smaller groups who want a little comfort while not breaking the bank.

For one, there's no set-up or take-down as in camping, but you still have access to the lake each day. Some visitors enjoy water activities with powerboat or jet ski rentals during the day, and come back to their hotels at night.


  • Small quarters
  • Minimal dining options (generally no in-room cooking)
  • Larger groups separated by different rooms
  • Hotel may be close but, again, not ON the lake



For a vacation on the lake, nothing beats enjoying the lake quite like enjoying it from a houseboat (but, we're a little biased.) 

Get more privacy with a houseboat rental than with camping or hotel rooms for one notable difference: you're all on your own houseboat, and you're ON the lake, moored to your own private beach. There's comfortable sleeping, an indoor bathroom, and a full kitchen to cook your meals.

With a houseboat, you get continuous lake access, so you can see different areas and not have to start from the same point each day.


  • Cost can be higher than camping or hotel rooms, HOWEVER, with a houseboat, you can split the cost more ways
We put the Ho Ho Ho in Houseboating!

We put the Ho Ho Ho in Houseboating!

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