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What's New for 2012?

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 02/24/12

We've been cooking up some new things for 2012 here at and we thought we'd let you in on the excitement. First and foremost, we are soon to unveil a brand new web design! With even more photos and user friendly links, we think you will love our site even more than you do now! Keep your eyes out and then let us know what you think!

With the addition of new partners at Lake Travis, Dale Hollow and Lake Roosevelt, we've increased ...

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From the Waters of Lake Lanier

  • By: Ann
  • Posted On: 11/02/11

Is Georgia on your mind? Well it should be! Georgia is home to the vast and diverse Lake Lanier.

Forty five minutes from Atlanta, this reservoir was created by Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956. Covering 1,040 square miles of green rolling hills, Lake Lanier was born an island paradise prime for a houseboat vacation.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Port Royale Marina on Lake Lanier. In early 2011 Port Royale ...

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Labor Day Weekend Straight Ahead!

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 08/25/11

If you are sitting at home, kicking yourself for not planning your Labor Day Weekend on the Lake...turn that frown upside down! Although availability is limited, it's not too late to book your houseboat getaway!

Early September is a fantastic time to be on a houseboat trip. Most of our destinations are still warm enough to swim while at others the fish are biting and you can start to see the colors changing on the trees. Warm days and ...

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Sizzling Summer Savings

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 08/12/11

It's been a while since we've posted and we are sorry! We hope you've missed us as much as we've missed you! Summer is well underway and it is a hot one! The Lakes are all bustling with happy house-boaters...why don't you join us?

We've got some great specials going on right now that you won't want to miss!

If you will be traveling to Kentucky or Tennessee you will definitely want to check out our amazing Double Scoop of Savings Discount on ...

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What's up with the water at Lake Shasta?

  • By: Guest Blogger
  • Posted On: 04/14/11

Undoubtedly, if you've been houseboating on any lake, you notice that the water level changes on a regular basis. On Shasta Lake, the water level is determined by the Bureau of Relclamation via the Central Valley Water Project, a waterway that stretches four hundred miles and includes twenty dams and reservoirs between Redding and Bakersfield. Shasta Dam is one of eleven hydropower plants in the plan and with this past year's increased ...

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From the Waters of the Illinois River Valley

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 03/22/11

The Illinois River Valley, rich in history and abundant in nature, is a natural escape from today's hectic world.

A mere 90 miles from Chicago, you will be transported to a different world when you catch your first glimpse of the 2360 acres of tree lined waters and hidden waterfalls.

You will be enthralled by the old river towns dotting the shores of this still working river. Tie your houseboat up and go antiquing or wander lazily ...

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From the Waters of The Erie Canal

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 02/15/11

When I was little I learned a folk song about a mule named Sal who helped build the Erie Canal. This was one of my favorite songs as a child and one that my sister and I still find ourselves singing on occasion as adults.

Because of this memory, I was very excited when started partnering with Mid Lakes Navigation on the Erie Canal. Our canal boats allow you to experience the locks for yourself that are still in existence ...

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From the Waters of Norris Lake

  • By: Stacy
  • Posted On: 01/27/11

Nestled between East Tennessee ridges, Norris Lake points the way to Cumberland Gap and the historic Wilderness Trail marked by Daniel Boone. This gorgeous clear water lake winds through 129 miles of tree lined shores. Fishing is abundant and the warm waters beckon to you to jump in and enjoy a leisurely swim.

We are very excited to announce 2 brand new partners on Norris Lake for 2011!

Flat Hollow Marina is located on the northeast end of ...

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From the waters of Lake Powell - A client's perspective

  • By: Guest Blogger
  • Posted On: 12/06/10

From the parking lot I surveyed the vast landscape that stretched before me in every direction. I'd seen the pictures and studied the maps before booking, of course. But nothing prepared me for this. My heart soared as I felt the beautiful solitude of Lake Powell.

The day arrived quicker than I had anticipated. Here we were, with parents and kids in tow, for our first ever-houseboating excursion. My husband, Brian, had wanted to do ...

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Happy Thanksgiving

  • By: Team
  • Posted On: 11/23/10

This time of year our thoughts are turned towards feelings of gratitude. As we reflect on the things that we are grateful for here at, our first thought is of you, our customers.

We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to talk to so many terrific people. You have made 2010 our best year ever in the history of our company.

As we strive to bring you the best customer service possible, we have been working hard ...

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