Our Team Getaway on Lake Mohave

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Nov 6, 2020
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Our Team Getaway on Lake Mohave

As your houseboat agents, we love houseboating too. So when we get a chance to take a team trip, we jump at it. With each new location, we gain insight on the unique experience each destination offers so we can better instruct you on what to expect on your own visits.

This time, we went to Lake Mohave, just an hour’s drive north of Laughlin, NV and part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Photos just do not do it justice; Lake Mohave is a beautiful desert oasis.

We arrived at Cottonwood Cove Marina and unloaded our belongings into handcarts to take down to the houseboat. We rented the 60' Eagle Houseboat, which was perfect for the 6 of us. Once the houseboat was loaded up, we cleaned down the counters and high-touch surfaces as an extra Covid precaution, and unpacked and organized all of our food and supplies. When we can, we always opt for the Early Boarding the night before as it gives us a head start the next morning.

We also rented a powerboat for the first day, to explore more of the lake than we could with a houseboat.

We didn’t have to go far from the marina to find some nice shoreline. We found an empty beach, pulled the houseboat to the shore, and drove the stakes into the ground to tie off. We did our best but the ground was too soft and the stakes didn’t hold for long. We decided to go further north to find another spot, and ended up at a beautiful secluded cove.










By the time we were secured to the shoreline again, it was almost time to return the powerboat to the marina. Luckily, they were able to find us a 26' Deck Boat to use for the rest of our trip, which turned out to be the best way to explore the next day.

We took the deck boat further north past where the houseboats are allowed and were surprised at the towering cliffs. This area is perfect for experiencing the lake at a slower pace: fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, etc. There’s a large open area south of the marina that is great for water sports. Since we are a more relaxed group, we appreciated the scenery. We even spotted some Big Horn Sheep stopping for a drink along the shore, and a coyote taking a stroll along the beach. We stopped in a cove on the way back to the houseboat for a snack and a swim to cool off, needing some relief from the mid-September 110 degree weather.

We kept mealtime simple with eggs and pancakes for breakfasts, sandwiches and chips for lunches, and grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Stacy did lots of prep ahead of time that simplified packing and cooking time. We made a meal plan and a grocery list before we left, Stacy did some shopping for the things that wouldn't go bad ahead of time, and picked up the last minute things closeby. The nearest grocery stores to the marina are in Henderson, NV or Laughlin, NV (each about an hour from the marina.)







For more tips on planning a Lake Mohave getaway for you and your group, see the following article: Lake Mohave - Your Low Key Vacation Destination then give us a call at 888-454-8825 for available dates.

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