Tips and Tricks to Make Mealtime Easier

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Tips and Tricks to Make Mealtime Easier

Planning and preparing your meals for a houseboat vacation can be quite a task. Where simplicity is key, organization is necessary long before you head out on the water. Last year, we posted a blog about Meal Planning and how to begin organizing the food aspect of your trip. Now, we've included a few examples to get those idea wheels-a-turnin. So grab a snack and take a look at these mouth watering (and easy) recipes. Warning: do not scroll down on an empty stomach.


Here are a few tried and true ideas the team has used over the years on our own houseboating excursions:

Make pancakes with pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk, which don't need to be refrigerated

Quick Pancakes: Make pancakes with pre-made dry pancake mix using shortening and dry milk, which don't need to be refrigerated. Add an egg and a cup of water to the jar of mix and pour into the pan. This will save you precious time in the morning, and not to mention packing and fridge space.

Omelette in a Bag from

Ziploc Omelets: Everyone gets to make their own omelettes! Put eggs, and any desired ingredients in a ziplock bag, close it tight, and squeeze and shake until it's blended together. Drop the bags in a pot of boiling water for about 12 minutes, and voila!

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Sandwich Sliders: Rolls + lunch meat and cheese/peanut butter and jelly + individual bags of chips = Lunch!

Grilled Pizza - fun for the whole family!

Grilled Pizza: Pillsbury pizza dough, sauce and toppings. Everyone can make their own personal pizzas to cook on the grill.

Campfire banana boats - there are so many options!

Campfire Banana Boats: Shake up the campfire desserts. S'mores are a classic, but have you tried a banana boat? My personal favorite is a banana with peanut butter and Nutella, but you can put anything on a banana that's wrapped in foil and warmed over a campfire, and it is sure to be delicious. We've also heard roasting Starbursts over the fire is a must-try.

Snack Mixes: Keep everybody happy and energized for your days of sun and adventure by keeping LOTS of snacks on hand.


See more ideas and recipes on our Pinterest board: "Easy Houseboating Recipes" and Follow Us to be updated on more recipes and ideas as we add to it.

We're always looking for more ideas! What are some of your go-to recipes while houseboating?

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Insider Tricks to Houseboat Like a Pro

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