Scuba Diving on your Bull Shoals Lake Houseboat Vacation

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Scuba Diving on your Bull Shoals Lake Houseboat Vacation

When you think of Bull Shoals lake I am sure you think about its unsurpassed beauty, crystal clear waters, serene and quiet coves and houseboating! Perhaps you think about fishing or water sports, laying out or catching up on a good book. But have you ever considered going outside of the box and taking it to the next level? Have you ever thought about exploring not only “the Caribean of the Midwest’s” surface and outskirts but its underwater beauty as well? If so... scuba diving may be the missing link in making your houseboat vacation everything and more.

No certification? No equipment? No problem! Bull Shoals lake boat dock will offer diving Instruction, Certification (P.A.D.I), sales, rentals and repairs. Night dives are also offered if you are feeling frisky.

Water temps are never freezing ranging from the 50’s in the winter to the 80’s in the summer and visibility is a minimum of 15-30 feet, making this a prime destination for scuba or snorkeling. The top 15 dive spots below will awaken your adventurous side and give you a glimpse into what possibilities await you.

1. Wreck of the S.S Minnow- 20 feet deep. Off the south side of Gilligan’s Island, swim south from the 2 willow trees to a depth of 20 feet. Turn east to the line and follow it to the wreck.

2. Destroyer Escort- 30 feet deep. East of Gilligan’s Island, near the clump of the willow trees, swim east to a depth of 20 feet. Turn north to the line to the wreck (careful of the live torpedo).

3. Iowa Farm- 35 feet deep. North side of Gilligan's Island. About the center of island find the line at 20 feet depth. Follow it to the tractor and combine.

4. Troop Transport and Escort- 45 feet deep. Sunk during World War II by German U-Boat still has a live torpedo on the port bow. (Be careful! It could go off!). There is a total of 3 boats. Near the Point 3 sign on the west side, find the line at a depth of 25 feet and follow to troop transport. Two escorts are just north of the main boat.

5. Bus Stop- 55 feet. Wreck of the Bull Shoals Express. From east point at the entrance of Sister Creek, swim in a southwest direction to a depth of 25 feet. Follow the line to the bus.

6. Bermuda Triangle- 25 feet deep. Near the west side of Sister Creek, swim at 30 feet to line. Follow it to boats.

7. Spanish Wrecks- 20 feet deep. Just inside of cove. Find the line in 15 feet of water and follow it to boats (any gold found must be turned in to dive shop).

8. Key Hole- 50 feet deep. Wall dive and then swim through a large hole as you descend. A second hole is 30 feet deeper.

9. Rotortiller- 25 feet deep. A good search and recovery tool used to teach liftbag techniques.

10. Frost Wall- A good wall dive.

11. Shear Terror- A good wall dive with overhangs.

12. Alien Landing- 20-40 feet deep. From the east Point 7 sign, swim in a westerly direction at a depth of 20 feet. Follow the line to the space ships. (Can you figure out what the writing says on the ships?).

13. Pirate Longboat Frost Point Wall- 85 feet deep. Legend has it that the notorious pirate “Jeff the Bloodthirsty” hid his treasure along the shore here. Afterwards, he murdered all four of his crew then sank the bodies with the longboat in order to keep the location secret.

14. Russian Submarine- 25 feet deep. Follow the line from Rototiller.

15. Sailboat- 45 feet deep. Go west from Russian Submarine.

If you are excited about trying new things or revisiting a love from the past, this is just the activity for you! Give a call at 888-454-8825 and we can help you plan your houseboat trip! 





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