Top Lake Powell Catches - Fishing Tips

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Top Lake Powell Catches - Fishing Tips

The majestic Lake Powell sits bordering Utah and Arizona, spanning over 200 square miles with 1900 miles of shoreline. Towering red rock cliffs and twisting canyons offer endless opportunities for that coveted catch no matter if you're a seasoned angler or a novice. With an average depth of 130 feet, these clear waters boast spectacular fishing conditions all year round.

Striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, channel catfish, crappie and bluegill are common catches. Brown trout, rainbow trout and carp are also found in the area. The following are the most saught after catches in Lake Powell and tips to increase your chances:


  • Smallmouth fishing is good year round but the best time is in April, September or October when water is cooler. Fishing limit is 20.
  • Largemouth fishing is also good year round, found in deep waters. Fishing limit is 5.

Striped Bass:

Best in summer months. No fishing limit.

  • Use cut dead anchovies when shad are not available, but when shad are abundant after spawning  causing "boils" (a surface feeding frenzy) between July-October use a shad imitating lure. Cast surface lures in the summer striper boils; striper tend to go deeper in the fall and winter. The average striper is between 3-4 lbs. Put them on ice immediately and filet ASAP.
  • Trophy Striper are consistantly found in water that is about 64 degrees, and in depths of 60-90 feet. They feed at night, but the best chance to catch them is in the first morning light as they tend to be most active about 45 minutes prior to the dawn. Troll with down riggers and whole anchovies. Mid-April to mid-June are the best opportunities for daytime catches as spawning draws them to the surface.


Best in May or June. No fishing limit.

  • Use bottom bouncing rigs with live bait such as nightcrawlers or a shad immitating minnow lure, anything that swims or flips. Walleye do not chase their prey but wait until they're in range before they strike. Consistent bottom contact is very important. Walleye are light sensitive so troll close to cliff walls; low light or in the shade is best.

Channel Catfish:

Best between June-October. No fishing limit.

  • Catch these guys from the comfort of your houseboat's back patio in the summer months when they tend to be in shallow sandy beach areas. Sink baits, anchovies and table scraps (like a piece of hot dog) work best. Use a carolina or drop shot rig with a lightweight bait in 5-15 feet of water. The largest Catfish are in flowing water but are scrappy, the better tasting fish are caught in the summertime. 


Great summer fishing.

  • Find them in shallow areas with brush or weeds in the spring, but as deep as 20-30 feet. Crickets are preferred bait, small red worms or crayfish are also suggested. Use a Micro jig (1/32 to 1/100) that imitate natural food and which are small enough to hook and hold these fish as they are generally light weight. You'll want to use a slip bobber (a bobber with a hole through the center).

The Waynes Words website is an extraordinary source for fishing at Lake Powell, with fishing reports, tips, and a wealth of knowledge about the area. See current fishing reports here: Lake Powell Fishing Report

Be sure to acquire a fishing license online prior to your arrival. A Utah state fishing license is required and will allow you to fish anywhere on Lake Powell, including Arizona waters. Get a fishing license here: Utah State Fishing License. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with all regulations including fishing limits: NPS Regulations. Or, if you prefer a guided service, click here: Glen Canyon Guided Services

Fishing equipment, tackle and bait are not available for rent at the marinas but are available for purchase in Page, AZ or at Wahweap or Bullfrog's marina stores.

See the following article for how to cook what you've caught, recipes sure to surprise and delight: How to Cook That Thing on Your Hook

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